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PLEASE NOTE THAT AS FROM MARCH 28th 2001 SPA CROFT MODELS NEW WEB ADDRESS WILL BE   The reason for the change is because of the change in marketting policy of Bizland which has given insufficient time to users to consider the proposals in the light of what other companies have to offer. The new site will take some time to complete but news of new models and other news will be added as usual. Spa Croft Models apologises for any inconvenience this causes, but please keep visiting us at our new address


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Why not join our standing order scheme. Just tell us which models you would like to receive and we will send them as soon as they arrive. Each model is securely packaged and they are all sent by first class letter post, post and packing free of charge, so normally you will receive them the next day. Payment before despatch of models is required from new customers.

First class postal facilities apply to UK only. Overseas orders are subject to usual postal services For Impartial Reviews of White Metal Models Click On and charges

For impartial reviews of white metal models click on

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New Brooklin and Lansdowne catalogue now available .

Place your orders for  2001 and receive a free copy. (Catalogues priced at 3.00 each normally)

Inexpensive, quality white metal models of American cars, caravans, picks ups,  and special interest vehicles,  of the 1930s to 1960s

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Watch these spaces for further models Watch these spaces for further models Watch these spaces for further models Watch these spaces for further models

If you are a collector of Brooklin Models, why not join the Brooklin Collectors' Club. You will get a quartely club magazine, "The Brooklin Collector" with lots of information about Brooklin Models and related matters. Each year, a special model is produced exclusively for the club by Brooklin Models Ltd., this year's model being the 1936 Pierce Arrow 1601 Sedan as a gangsters' car, with two figures; a gangster and his moll, produced by Omen Figures. Unfortunately, the closing date to obtain this model from the club has now passed, and the final order number of 220 models has been confirmed with Brooklin Models Ltd. I have included this photo on the web site to illustrate the advantages of being a member of the collectors' club. You are able to obtain a model exclsive to the club membership. Please note that this model is not for sale.

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The Brooklin Collectors Club web site is still under construction. The address is . Howeve