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The Austin A70 Hereford succeeded its predecessor, the A70 Hampshire, in 1950, and remained in production until 1954, when it in turn was succeeded by the A90 Westminster. The Hereford was available in a variety of forms, most of which are modelled by ourselves; the saloon, convertible and Countryman estate all being currently available. The Hereford had a 2,199 c.c. engine, and could reach a top speed of over 83 mph.

Austin A70 Hereford Saloon

The Hereford Saloon is available either as a two tone model in silver over maroon, or as a smart looking car in overall brown with badge bar.


Austin A70 Hereford Convertible

                 The Hereford Convertible is available in white or powder blue with the hood down, or in fawn with brown hood, or maroon with black hood with the hood in the closed position

Austin Hereford White Rear.JPG (39125 bytes)   Austin Hereford Top.JPG (45213 bytes)Austin Hereford Blue Rear.JPG (33975 bytes)

Austin Hereford Convertible Fawn Rear.JPG (32857 bytes)           Austin Hampshire Convertible Maroon.JPG (37800 bytes)              Austin Hereford Maroon Convertible Rear.JPG (33121 bytes)

The first all new Post War Austin was the four door A40 Austin Devon ,and its two door companion, the Austin A40 Dorset.The Devon and the Dorset , introduced in 1947, shared the same engine, the new 1200cc ohv unit. The Dorset was discontinued in 1949, whilst the Devon remained in production until 1952, when it was replaced by the A40 Somerset. Both cars feature in the Kenna Collection, and in a variety of colours, all of which will be illustrated below in due course.

The Austin Devon is available in Peacock Blue, Pale Green, and Beige, whilst the Dorset is finished in Black, Cream, and Maroon. The Devon can be displayed with the sunshine roof open or closed.


  Austin Devon Beige.JPG (34492 bytes)                         Austin Devon Beige Rear.JPG (34295 bytes)Austin Devon Top.JPG (39908 bytes)


Austin Dorset Black.JPG (30644 bytes)                              Austin Dorset Cream.JPG (34121 bytes)