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Please Note Our New Web Address

The old address, , does still work however

Our Web Site is still not fully up and running, but all the important links are here. News of new models will appear as soon as it becomes available. Similarly, photos of news models will be posted as soon as they are in stock. Once again, thank you for your patience

Mike Coupe

We are providing a discussion group where customers can post articles about problems they encounter, or tips and tricks that other users might want to know about.

The discussion supports threads, so you will be able to post a reply to another user's question. We recommend prefixing the subject of your posting with a "Q:" if it's a question, or an "A:" if it's an answer to a question, or nothing at all if you're just making a comment or observation.

Our support department will be tuned in to this discussion as well, and will reply to questions posted here. Otherwise you can receive customer support by sending e-mail to [CompanyEmail] for a personal reply; or placing a call to [CompanyPhone].