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Why not join our standing order scheme. Just tell us which models you would like to receive and we will send them as soon as they arrive. Each model is securely packaged and they are all sent by first class letter post, post and packing free of charge, so normally you will receive them the next day. Payment before despatch of models is required from new customers.

First class postal facilities apply to UK only. Overseas orders are subject to usual postal services For Impartial Reviews of White Metal Models Click On and charges

For impartial reviews of white metal models click on

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New Brooklin and Lansdowne catalogue now available .

Place your orders for  2001 and receive a free copy. (Catalogues priced at 3.00 each normally)


1/43rd scale white metal models of British saloon cars from the 1930s to the 1970s, Police cars, and special interest cars including Rally Cars


Proposed Models for 2001

Crossway are to produce two versions of the MO Morris Oxford. The first version with the lattice work grille, la the 40 series Dinky Toy of the 1950s, and the second version with the chunkier grille which was used on the later Series II & III Morris Oxfords produced respectively by Pathfinder Models and Spa Croft Models in model form. No details of colour are available at the moment but I am sure that one will be a replica of Roger Tennyson's (Mr. Crossway) own black MO with the later grille. Proposed colours are Thames Blue and Maroon for the earlier version, and Black, Birch Grey and Empire Green for the later model.  Only 500 models will be produced altogether,

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A convertible version of the Mk. III Sunbeam Rapier is also to appear this year. Again no details re price nor colour are available yet, but these will appear on this site as soon as they are known. In the meantime, here's a picture of the real car. Proposed colours are Powder Blue/Corinth Blue and Midnight Blue/Dawn Mist. There will be high level of detail on the model. Procuction is limited to 300 in total.

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Finally, the saloon version of the popular Morris 8 Tourer released last year will appear later on in 2001. Again, no details as yet but we will let you know as soon as we have them.

Ford Cortina Mk. III

Available in three forms

Kit: 39.00

Built (No engine):  69.00

Built with open bonnet and engine detail : 89.00

Samples expected shortly. Watch this space for pictures.


Specify your own colour

Please note that these prices are only an indication and are subject to change.

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Made By Somerville for Crossway Models



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Made For Emmy Models by Crossway Models

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